New Haven

Welcome to New Haven

After three months in California, some time off spent with family & friends, and a cross-country road trip from west to east, we have finally made it to our second location!

Along the final leg of our drive, we made a stop in Cleveland, OH where we got a solid night of sleep and a little rock and roll history. All in all, we made it from St. Louis to New Haven in two days.

New Haven, Connecticut is probably most famously known as the home of Yale University and here I will be working at Yale-New Haven Hospital. The city itself has a lot of East Coast charm and good food, especially “apizza” (as it is famously called here).

Here, we got pretty lucky and set up our own housing as opposed to taking the housing that my company would have provided. For the next three months we are subleasing an apartment in a really neat part of the city. There are farmers markets every Saturday in the park nearby and its an easy walk to all parts of the city! We were warmly welcomed by an array of cherry blossoms and flowers sprouting everywhere.

One huge draw to this location and the east coast in general is how close we are to so many potential trips and getaways. We’ll likely be partaking in our fair share of adventures in the next few months and are excited to see parts of the country that we never imagined visiting.

Below are some photos we took in our first few days in New Haven!

New-Haven-7 New-Haven-12 New-Haven-10 New-Haven-18 New-Haven-21 New-Haven-19 New-Haven-33 New-Haven-32 New-Haven-30 New-Haven-29 New-Haven-25 New-Haven-26

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  • Reply Christina F June 22, 2015 at 7:47 am

    Your apartment is so cute!! Good luck as you guys start the next part of your fabulous journey!

    • Reply Anonymous June 22, 2015 at 11:39 am

      Thanks Christina!!

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