Rhode Island

Newport, RI

Newport, Rhode Island was one of the first trips that Kayla and I took while on the East Coast and we loved it so much that we decided to swing back up when our friends Janel and Kyle were in town.

We ended up enjoying Newport much more than we had ever imagined. It was covered in fog during our first trip, but that only seemed to add to the awe and spectacle of this little coastal town.

Newport is known as the sailing capital of the world for good reason.  The harbor was dotted with boats ranging from small, one-person sail-boats to America’s Cup racing vessels. The community around the sport bleeds into all the small shops and restaurants as well, which provides a truly unique experience.

During our second trip up to Newport, we made sure to get the full experience and head out on an evening sail. Accompanied by our amazing friends, a little champagne and some good wind, we set out for a chilly sail around the harbor and got a good sense of how deep the sailing history extends in this little coastal town. Without hesitation, I also volunteered to raise a sail, which was probably why we had such a perfect time on the water…

Another attraction to Newport is the large amount of mansions that live within it’s city limits. As early New Yorkers began to amass their wealth, they decided to spend their summers in Newport, where it began to be the “it” place for anyone who wanted to show off their wealth and power. With that, began an era of building huge, intricate and embellished mansions and houses that are now on display for visitors. Kayla and I toured the Breakers and got a good education about what life was like back in that era and a new appreciation for the city and it’s great history.

Outside of the rich history and culture, Newport is simply a nice break from the action of the urban city and filled with it’s own character and charm. From the seafood restaurants to the shops along the harbor, it seems to have it’s own unique charm that is unmistakably “Newport”.

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