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Spring Training 2015

It’s spring in the southwest, so that means it’s time for baseball!

We flew down to Phoenix, AZ to meet up with Kayla’s dad and take in a week of baseball and sun. Ryan and Ellen and Nate met us down there a couple days later as well to truly make it a family affair.

Every single day we were in AZ, we saw a baseball game. In fact, within a couple of hours of our plane touching down, we were sitting down with a Summer Shandy in hand, watching the Brewers play the Cubs. We even left the ballpark on our last day and went straight to the airport to catch our flight later that evening. While we might not be the greatest baseball fans during the season, for this week our lives revolved around America’s favorite pastime.

While we were there, we also managed to get out a few times and do some hiking and obviously had our fair share of playing ball with Nate.

Getting down to Spring Training was a really eye-opening and crazy fun time. It was interesting to see the city embrace the influx of visitors and welcome the teams into their homes for the spring.

We’ll be looking forward to making this a potential yearly tradition!

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