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HWY 101

HWY 101

Traveling the 101

Well we’re officially road warriors. The past week has been a whirlwind but we have managed to load everything we need for the next four months into our car and headed south.

In order to slow down and “take it all in” we decided to spend our first couple of days in a spot that we’ve been to every year since we’ve lived in Seattle. Cannon Beach, Oregon is a place where you can relax on the beach with very few worries. A little R&R was much needed and a very good way to kick off the new adventure.

After two nights in Cannon Beach, we hit HWY 101 a little harder and headed further down the Oregon coast. Stopping often for views of rock formations, pristine beaches and even a cheese factory – we were able to get down to Bandon, OR unscathed.

Yesterday was another day of driving down the 101 and was quite a breathtaking day as well… The southern Oregon coast is a sight that will be hard to beat and our first few hours in California have brought us along some remote beaches, inside a Redwood forest and (literally) through a single Redwood tree. Our launch point this morning is Scotia, CA where we just wrapped up a night sleeping in a hotel built in the 1930’s (and likely untouched since). The goal for today is to make it to Napa Valley in time for some wine tasting.

Here are a few photos from the past few days:

Hallmark Resort at Cannon Beach

Sunset over Haystack

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