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June 2015


Mainely Awesome

Getting a four day stretch of work off has been a rarity for Kayla during this assignment, so we decided to cross a major trip off of our east coast bucket list and headed northeast to Maine.

Not knowing anything besides it being a lobster-lover’s heaven on earth, we didn’t know what to expect.

Somehow our string of good luck was still going strong and we were able to snag an AirBnb on one of hundreds of bays and channels that make up Maine’s coastline.

We stopped quickly for dinner in Portland, ME and then headed up to the tiny town of Freeport.

The weather was absolutely perfect which allowed us to get out for a hike and a memorable canoe trip on the bay.

We ventured into Freeport a couple of times where we wandered around the outlet shops and most importantly, the original L.L. Bean store. Throughout the whole area, it is apparent that L.L. Bean has been a cornerstone for the community and inspires a great deal of attention and visitors to the city.

Following a suggestion from our hosts, we headed into Brunswick, ME for dinner and gelato, only to again be put in awe over the incredible small towns and communities along Maine’s coast.

We stayed for two nights in the AirBnb and then a third night we camped further east on Sagadahoc Bay where we got our fix of campfires and lobster directly from the boat.

For us, this was one of the few times in the past year that we have been able to get away from the sights, sounds and smells of the city. That reason alone made this trip something to look forward to, but after exploring the area and meeting some remarkable people, it was hard to leave.


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If you are going to live in New England for three months, it would be a sin to not visit Boston at least once. With that in mind, we drove the two and a half hour trip up to “Beantown”, and wished we could have stayed for years.

Around New Haven, it’s a bit of a touchy subject when asking a preference between Boston and New York City. People seem to have their biases and for good reason. After our experience, it’s really hard to pick a favorite, but the smaller population, rich history, brownstone buildings and Fenway Park make it nearly impossible to not call Boston the clear winner.

We ended up loving Boston. Big time.

Last minute planning scored us a good hotel deal near Newbury Street and prime location to both Fenway Park and the Boston Common.

Our first night we simply walked around aimlessly, gawking at the incredible New England style, Brownstown apartments and imagining what our daily life could look like if we lived here.

Embracing the “local” spirit, we ventured into a little bar where everyone seemed to know our name and grabbed a couple of beers allegedly brewed by one of the men who signed the Declaration of Independence. “When in Rome” right?

The next day we ran around Boston, following the Freedom Trail up to Bunker Hill. It’s hard not to feel a certain spirit in the air when you are literally walking around the birthplace of America. It was an inspiring day.

Before we left, we caught a game at Fenway. Obviously this is the modern day heart of the city, so we’d be foolish not to experience it. We opted for the cheapest seats possible and unfortunately didn’t bring the Red Sox much luck, as they were clobbered by the Blue Jays. Nonetheless it was great to see the “Green Monster” first hand and to witness a game in the oldest major league park in America.

Of all the places we’ve visited, few have come close to the connection we made with Boston. We’ll be back.

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