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April 2015


Adios Fresno!

Well… we’re back on the road. After three months in Central California, we’re ready for the next adventure!

Our time here wasn’t always easy, but we experienced A LOT in three months and would not trade that experience and the amount of knowledge and clarity that we gained, for anything.

Being our first travel assignment, we were both getting used to what life in temporary locations feels like. A new hospital with new procedures and problems allowed Kayla to learn and also to understand what it REALLY means to be a travel nurse in a new hospital. For me, I learned that organization and a good coffee shop are crucial to my success as a freelancer. Being able to set your own schedule and work where you want to have been incredible, but not without it’s fair share of stress and issues to overcome.

When we look back to this first assignment, we will undoubtedly realize how much we learned about ourselves as a couple and ultimately what it means to ONLY have each other to rely on. This will always be remembered as a place where we both grew closer and gained more clarity on what we want our future to look like.

The next month will be a little crazy for us as we slowly make our way to the next assignment in New Haven, CT. We’ll spend some time with family in St. Louis and Minneapolis along the way and we look forward to a trip down to Cancun with some incredible friends as well!

Below is a small glimpse of the area immediately outside of Fresno. Stricken with drought and full of mega-farms, the area has a very unique and desolate vibe.

fresno-9 fresno-2 fresno-5 fresno-4 fresno-3 fresno-7 fresno-6