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March 2015

Yosemite Nat'l Park

Return to Yosemite

It was a bittersweet realization that our time in Fresno, CA was coming to an end. Don’t get me wrong, we are excited to get to a new location with a little more character, but the location and adventures that we took advantage of during our time in Fresno is something that might not ever happen again.

One of the biggest advantages of living in Fresno was the proximity to one of the most hallowed places in America: Yosemite National Park.

You might remember that we took a little trip here earlier in the assignment, but the draw of the granite cliffs, solitude of the enormous redwoods and the glow of the night sky is something that begs to be returned to many times over. So we packed up the Jeep and headed toward our respite and last piece of relaxation and adventure in the Southwest.

It was still a bit early in the year for backwoods camping, and the weather wasn’t looking to be in our favor, so we opted to stay in the historic “Curry Village”, where we were put up in a canvas tent for the night.

In the early years of Yosemite, the Curry family established a tented campground in order to provide the camping experience to all who wanted it. Their motto was “a good bed and clean napkin with every meal”. This is still very much the spirit of Curry Village today. For anyone wanting an affordable and memorable camping experience in Yosemite, this is about as perfect as it gets, without using your own gear.

While we were in the park, we took part in a couple hikes, climbed to some waterfalls and slept through hail/thunderstorms. It is always such a freeing feeling as you drive down and around the Yosemite Valley. The fresh air, smell of pine needles in the sun, sounds of distant waterfalls all seem to be alive and in perfect symphony.

This place… There is simply no other place like this in the world.

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Spring Training 2015

It’s spring in the southwest, so that means it’s time for baseball!

We flew down to Phoenix, AZ to meet up with Kayla’s dad and take in a week of baseball and sun. Ryan and Ellen and Nate met us down there a couple days later as well to truly make it a family affair.

Every single day we were in AZ, we saw a baseball game. In fact, within a couple of hours of our plane touching down, we were sitting down with a Summer Shandy in hand, watching the Brewers play the Cubs. We even left the ballpark on our last day and went straight to the airport to catch our flight later that evening. While we might not be the greatest baseball fans during the season, for this week our lives revolved around America’s favorite pastime.

While we were there, we also managed to get out a few times and do some hiking and obviously had our fair share of playing ball with Nate.

Getting down to Spring Training was a really eye-opening and crazy fun time. It was interesting to see the city embrace the influx of visitors and welcome the teams into their homes for the spring.

We’ll be looking forward to making this a potential yearly tradition!

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Big Sur

Big Sur Camping

When we were asked by a couple good friends to join them for a quick camping trip in Big Sur, it took us all of one second to mark it on the calendar. Any excuse to spend time with Seth and Monica Hines and their two dogs is a good one, and spending a couple of days in Big Sur was icing on the cake. The Hines’ lived in Seattle while we lived there and moved to San Francisco a few months before we began traveling.

Big Sur is a California staple. With nearly 90 miles of coastline, this area of the Central Coast contains some of the most incredible beaches, cliffs, groves and mountains I’ve ever seen.

Our first night was spent enjoying some incredible “camp” food that Seth meticulously put together, catching up on the past few months and planning our next day.

We slept in the next morning and headed up the road for a nice hike in the woods with the gang and the two viszlas. After a couple hours and some good elevation gains, we headed down to Pfeiffer Beach to get some sand and saltwater. We played some frisbee, threw a few many sticks for the dogs and snapped a bunch of photos.

Our second night ended a little sooner than the first and the next morning we were back on the road home.

The drive to Fresno from Big Sur should have taken around 3 hours, but with some intense fog, amazing coastline, a beach full of seals and a stop back in St Louis Obispo, we turned that into an 8-hour adventure.

A couple of days in Big Sur was a much needed getaway and spending it with an amazing couple and two rad dogs made it even better.

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