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February 2015

Los Angeles

Los Angeles

Continuing our trend of exploring the areas in Central/South California, we recently took a trip to LA to experience the lifestyles of the rich and famous.

Neither of us had ever been to LA (that we remember) so planning the trip was exciting to know that we would finally be taking in all the sights and sounds that have been made famous by TV and movies.

We had two main objectives for the trip: 1: Experience the celebrity lifestyle and 2: Visit the infamous beaches and surf spots LA lays claim to.

The first stop though, was Pink’s– where we partook in true LA history by ordering hot dogs topped with more concoctions than the dog itself.

In order to hit objective number one, we stayed a couple nights in the Hollywood Hills. This offered us short proximity to Hollywood Blvd, the Sunset Strip, Beverly Hills and Universal Studios. We filled the days with the typical tourist hotspots and spent the nights on watch for celebrities in the nearby restaurants and pubs.

For the latter half of our trip, we stayed in Marina Del Rey, which was a good staging area for days in Venice Beach and Santa Monica.

Not quite ready to give up the sand and sun, we decided to postpone our drive back to Fresno long enough to meander up the coast to Malibu and spend some more time in the sand. After lunch at Neptune’s Net (made famous by Fast and the Furious) we found a little slice of beach heaven, hidden by rock formations and completely secluded from any other beach goers. We debated whether or not to building a tiki hut and moving in, but the call of “real life” rang through and we soon found ourselves back on the road to the central valley.

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CA Central Coast

Pismo Beach & SLO

We have started to get into a groove and find our way around Fresno more and more. In all honesty, the city itself could be Anytown, USA – but add some palm trees and consistently warm weather and it becomes slightly better than average.

Even the Fresnonians adhere to a strict code when it comes to finding things to do… Get out of the city and enjoy some of the great places that are merely a short drive away.

Naturally, when presented with a few days off, we headed to the coast.

Pismo Beach, CA is a short 2.5 hour drive from our place in Fresno which made it a perfect getaway for some time on the coast. It’s a small, surfer town where life slows down and flip-flops are customary.

A couple days spent lounging by the pool and exploring the beach were just what we needed to relax and reset after transitioning to life in Fresno.

Only ten minutes away from Pismo Beach is the neighboring city of San Louis Obispo or “SLO” as the in-crowd calls it.

While Pismo has the sand and surf, SLO has the art, music, local food & college town feel. We spent a day wandering down Higuera Street and popping in and out of cool stores and coffee shops.

I needed to get some work done, so I befriended a new favorite coffee shop and posted up while Kayla continued touring the city. If you ever find yourself in SLO – be sure to grab a late from Scout Coffee.

Not surprisingly, we had the camera in hand and took away some great memories and photos from the weekend.

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Work Hard // Play Hard

So far this has been a place for us to share some fun trips and the perks of travel nursing but I thought it was about time to share a little bit about the reality behind all the fun.

The first week of January started my first travel assignment in Madera, CA at Central Valley Children’s Hospital. I am working on a respiratory unit but I also get floated to other units such as the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU), Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), and the general medical unit. As any other pediatric nurse would tell you this time of year – work has been crazy busy. Especially on an all respiratory unit with some really sick kiddos, us nurses are really kept on our toes! It has been quite an experience learning an entire new charting system as well as new procedures at a different hospital but that is all part of the experience!

While I am spending my nights at the hospital, Tyler is working hard day in and day out, keeping all his clients happy with designing and developing some great sites. Just recently he has obtained a LLC for his business called Creative Nest. This is a really big step for expanding his brand and I’m excited to see where this takes him!

One month has definitely gone by fast and with only two months to go in this location we are trying to see all we can and enjoy what California has to offer.

Our mentality since starting this new adventure, has really been work hard and play hard so until the next adventure…